We don't just run exhibitions

We organize events and fly everything that has handlebars

The TRIALSHOW.cz team does not limit itself purely to Trial, but we try to master everything that has handlebars, or at least wheels. We like to go on rides with friends, partners, or people interested in driving techniques and spread awareness. We also organize events for the general public. Our heart is the traditional Říčanské Slapačky.

A team composed of the best riders of the Czech Republic

Who we are?

A team of bikers, cyclists, motorcyclists, unicyclists, but mainly professional Trialists who can do more on a bike than anyone else. They call us magicians on two wheels, masters of handlebars, or kings of technology. But we just enjoy driving over obstacles.

What are we doing?

In addition to a lot of training and racing, we are dedicated to exhibition demonstrations of Trial sport (cycling), in any of its forms. Sometimes we bring in unicycles, sometimes moto trialists, but we mainly do everything to ensure a proper SHOW at the events of our partners. Whoever invites us to their event, or wants us to provide a comprehensive program, always leaves satisfied, just like the audience, who will see something more than what the competition offers.

We are a team!

The team includes many riders and friends who work with us. We have both team exhibition vehicles, which are also mobile obstacles for outdoor shows, as well as sets of specially designed collapsible obstacles that can be used in any space from small clubs to large sports halls.

The best riders of the present and the past, an excellently elaborated exhibition show with the involvement of the audience, moderation of the riders, provision of hostesses, obstacles and other facilities. Try one rider or the whole team.

Martin Šimůnek

3x World Champion

Vlastislav Kabeláč Čiháček

10x Elite champion of the Czech Republic

Lukáš Valný

Amateur champion of the Czech Republic

Dalibor Šulc

3x national Champion

Matouš Balík

2. place Říčanské Šlapačky

Marek Tryner

2x winner of the Czech Cup

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