Folding Trial Park

We have prepared folding trial parks with about 10 individual obstacles especially for indoor events, but also as a supplement to our mobile parks.

Our machines and equipment

Of course, we also bring our tuned racing bikes or motorcycles in perfect condition. We can also provide sound system. Sometimes there is also a prize for volunteers and there must be surprises for the spectators.

description of the exhibition

For balls, celebrations and all winter events, we have prepared special sets of obstacles that will not damage the surface. The number of obstacles depends on the size of the hall, the number of riders and the nature of the event and the length or number of entries.​​

Generally, we have no problem with any type of surface. The exhibition itself can be either a one-time event or a series of exhibitions held in one day.
The duration of the demonstration ranges from 15 to 30 minutes, but we can also handle longer or shorter versions.
In terms of size, the exhibition can be adapted from the floor of a smaller disco or office space to large sports halls or city halls. We can fit on and under the stage. We will solve the slippery floor and the only thing we need to watch out for is the low ceiling.
More information
We moderate ourselves, but we welcome cooperation with the moderator of the event, or we can provide you with our friends as moderators.

For more demanding clients, we can brand the obstacles or even prepare them specially for your event.

It is possible to book specific riders or athletes from other disciplines - basketball, flatland BMX , MotoTrial, Slackline, parkour, ...



Do you have a limited budget and still want a little extreme and tension for your event? One rider with a smaller park can do enough.
8.000,- CZK
+ travel expenses
  • 1 rider
  • Basic set of obstacles
  • 5-15 min. demo

Double team

Two riders and more obstacles are the most popular combination for balls and corporate events. More hands can handle more obstacles and can hold the handlebars longer.
11.000,- CZK
+ travel expenses
  • 2 riders
  • Medium set of obstacles
  • 5-20 min. demo

full power

For events that can really get going, we have a combination of 3 riders and the maximum number of obstacles, as well as a combination of different types of bikes or more elements and events.
15.000,- CZK
+ travel expenses
  • 3 riders
  • Maximum number of obstacles
  • 10-30 min. demo


You can also ride a motorcycle at an indoor event. Smooth tires, specially adapted obstacles and it's down to business. Only suitable for larger halls.
15.000,- CZK
+ travel expenses
  • 1 - 2 riders
  • Obstacles modified for motorbikes
  • 5-20 min. demo

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Videos from our events

We do not decide whether it is an event for a few people or an international event for a hundred thousand people. We love our work and adapt to anything. With 3 different mobile parks, we can do really big things.