description of the exhibition

The exhibition itself can be either a one-time event or a series of exhibitions held in one day. It varies in time from 15 to 30 minutes, but we can also handle longer or shorter variants.

Overall, we have no problem with any type of surface. Even a wet surface is not a problem for outdoor events, but of course we are not looking for slippery parquet floors. No problem with gravel, dust, uneven or grassy surface.

In terms of size, the exhibition can be adapted from the floor of a smaller disco or office space to large halls or a space designated for a festival or concert. It always depends on the number of riders, obstacles and the type of event. We welcome cooperation with the moderator of the event, but we are also capable of independent functioning.



Mobile Trial park

It is a tow truck with a custom-made set of obstacles, pulled by an accompanying vehicle. Both Trial, unicycles and parkour will use everything. We have two separate ones. We have exactly two as well as 3 team vans.

Folding Trial Park

We have a folding trial park with about 10 individual obstacles ready as a complement to the mobile park, but also for indoor events.

Our bikes and equipment

Of course, we also bring our tuned racing bikes in perfect condition. We can also provide sound system. Sometimes there is also a prize for volunteers and there must be surprises for the spectators.

Duration and frequency
... depends on the agreement with you as the organizer of the event
Through space
... we adapt to your event and can work on any surface
... it is possible to brand, make an individual setup or prepare to measure (just in the form of a product or logo)
We provide
... sound system, moderators or even the entire accompanying program, but we are also happy to act as subcontractors
Custom design
... obstacles, jerseys, team vehicles you can certainly use for a larger roadshow or as a permanent partner of the team
... you can book yourself, both from us and possibly from our friendly teams and clubs

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Videos from our events

We do not decide whether it is an event for a few people or an international event for a hundred thousand people. We love our work and adapt to anything. With 3 different mobile parks, we can do really big things.